Executive Board and Committees

Elected Party Officers: Daniel Barry – Chairman: chairman@uniongop.com Mark Bostrom – Vice Chairman: vicechair@uniongop.com John D. Blair – Treasurer: treasurer@uniongop.com Allison Powers – Secretary: secretary@uniongop.com At Large Board Members:
  1. Crystal Crump (8th District)
  2. Sharon Cross (9th District)
  3. Audrey Blackwood (9th District)
  4. Vacant
  5. Vacant
Ex Officio: Sargent-At-Arms: J.R. Rowell Parliamentarian: Jeffery Carpenter Precinct Chair: Sharon Carter 9th District Executive Board:
  1. Jennifer Mauney
  2. Miriam Harris
  3. Sharon Cross
  4. Joe Pomykacz
  5. Diane Pomykacz
  6. Roger Stanton
  7. Terry Glesias
Finance Committee Members* Vacant – Finance Chair Daniel Barry – UCGOP Chairman Mark Bostrom – UCGOP Vice Chairman John D. Blair – UCGOP Treasurer * Two members to be named.
 Auditing Committee Members* Barbara Harrison –  Chairman * Three members to be named
 Standing Committees
  • Public Relations Committee
  • Plan of Organization Committee
  • Fund-raising Committee

Communications & Website: Mark DiBiasio – markdb@unionGOP.com