Jun 262017

Gov. Cooper to Veto Budget with Scholarships for Children of War Veterans?

Today, North Carolina veterans called on Governor Cooper to put petty partisan politics aside and support expanded aid for the children of war veterans killed in action. Part of the state budget that received strong bipartisan support were the scholarships for Gold Star Children. North Carolina Republicans added more than a million dollars in additional funding for the program. The budget is currently sitting on Governor Cooper’s desk, but if he decides to veto it, the children could be the ones who lose.

If Governor Cooper is successful in his veto of the state budget, he will deny 14.4 million dollars in scholarships for children of veterans killed in the line of duty, said Carteret County’s Bob Pruett, retired USMC. “Children who lost parents in wartime serving our nation can never be repaid, but Cooper should help those children get a good education, rather than vetoing their opportunities.” John Steward of Charlotte, who served in the Marine Reserves, said, “Gov. Cooper is faced with a simple yes or no question when it comes to helping children of veterans killed or disabled during war time. If Cooper signs the budget he will help the children whose parents made the ultimate sacrifice. If he veto’s it, they will not receive that funding.” “If Gov. Cooper thinks it is a good idea to veto scholarships for children who lost parents in war defending our country, perhaps he is listening too much to his senior adviser Ken Eudy, who proudly voiced his support for athletes not standing for the national anthem, and said he stays in his seat when thousands of fans stand and cheer men and women in the armed services,” said Davidson County Commissioner Zak Crotts, who also  served six years in the NC National Guard (1999-2005). Craven County’s Carl Mischka, who served in the US Army, summed it up best: “For those of us who served and survived, we have a duty to look after the children who were left behind when our comrades fell, and Governor Roy Cooper has the same duty. Will he fulfill it by signing the budget, or will he go AWOL by vetoing the budget?” Despite Governor Cooper’s attempted support of Gold Star Children in his own budget, the 2017 compromise budget is the one sitting in front of him right now. This is his chance to prove what really matters to him and his administration. Will he sign the budget and move forward with the scholarships? Or will he veto the budget and make these children and families wait even longer or possibly lose out altogether?
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